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3D Printing: Product Design/Development and Manufacturing

Columbia University – April 11, 2016 – The AESA NY-NJ Section welcomed Ara Boghosian as

he presented on the 3D printing industry and its current and potential impact on product

design and manufacturing processes. As Mr. Boghosian discussed, although 3D printing

technology has existed since the mid 80’s, only now has this technology become more

readily available to the masses. This has given rise to new found inventors who are able to

quickly and cost effectively create prototypes of their ideas. Through the use of 3D CAD

software, some of which are available for free online, inventors of all skill sets are able to

bring their ideas into reality.

Mr. Boghosian discussed the different types of printers currently on the market which are

able to print from a variety of media including plastic, glass, metal and even biological


The lecture was followed by a short presentation by AESA NY-NJ member Hagop

Bouchakjian who brought in his own personal 3D printer and printed a miniature statue. He

explained how he first became involved as a hobbyist and is now using his skills to produce

parts for various factories in the area.

Ara Boghosian, is a Mechanical Engineer with 23 years of product design and manufacturing

experience. He specializes in Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks 3D CAD programs. He began his first design consulting firm in 1995 with 4 partners which he later left in 1998 to continue as an independent consultant until 2004 when he joined Care Rehab as VP. In 2009 he

left Care Rehab and continued as an independent consultant operating 10 3D printers and provides 3D printing services to inventors and small companies.

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