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AESA Northeastern Section Hosts World Renown Armenian Physicist Dr. Yuri Oganessian

New York, New York-- Sunday, December 23, 2018 at the Brasserie 8 ½, a reception was held in honor of Dr. Yuri Oganessian, a giant in the field of nuclear physics, who is the only living scientist to have a periodic table element named for him, Og 118, “Oganesson”.

The AESA Northeastern section members took advantage of the rare opportunity to host an event to meet and pay tribute to Dr. Oganessian during his private visit to New York. The reception was attended by AESA members, the Oganessian family and guests. AESA Glendale Headquarters, was represented by President John Shirajian and Treasurer Zirair Tourgutian. AESA Northeastern was also honored by the attendance of His Excellency, Mher Margaryan, Permanent Representative of Republic of Armenia to the United Nations.

Following brief introductions by the AESA Northeastern Section president Allen Berber, Dr. Oganessian, described his fascinating research work, challenges and opportunities. The scientific community first recognized him in the 1970’s for the invention of the Cold Fusion technique used for producing Super-Heavy elements. Following his discovery of his newer technique Hot Fusion, together with his team, he discovered the 113th, 114th and 116th elements in the periodic table. In 2016, the 118th element was discovered and was named after him – “Oganesson”. Dr. Oganessian has also published a record number of scientific papers and has been recognized with various distinguished awards worldwide.

The reception provided an extraordinary opportunity for the attendees to talk with Dr. Oganessian as well as His Excellency, Mher Margaryan. Dr. Oganessian’s experience and knowledge is a motivation for all young scientists and engineers. He reminded us that “Science is the Technology of Tomorrow”.

Discussion with H.E. Mher Margaryan focused on Education and Sciences in Armenia. AESA was praised for its role of contributing toward education in the Engineering and Sciences disciplines in Armenia via various AESA programs.


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