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NYC Subway Systems - Engineering and Construction

The AESA NY-NJ Section lecture on the New York City Subway Systems - Engineering and Construction, was attended by 28 students and professionals. Among them, in attendance were also a group of 8 young engineers from a joint venture group of construction, risk management and consulting, the LIRO Group, Hill International and HDR. This topic was of great interest to all, specifically those that reside in the larger New York City metropolitan area.

David Michaelian demonstrated his in-depth knowledge and expertise of these monumental projects, engineering and construction, challenges and successes. He presented a brief history of the New York City Subway System, South Ferry Terminal, East Side Access, Second Avenue and 7 Line extension projects. The supporting videos illustrated details of these engineering marvels.

David Michaelian has over 35 years of experience in Design, Construction and Quality. Over the past 10 years, he has managed over 40 quality and safety engineering teams for all MTA Capital Construction Projects ($15 Billion FTA Funded). David’s most recent position was Chief of Quality, Safety and Site Security for MTA Capital Construction. Prior to that he created and managed the technical group for testing, commissioning and acceptance for all of NYCTA facilities systems as Chief of Technical Services. As Technical adviser for all quality and safety systems for NYCTA, he worked with the Vice Presidents on the review of design and construction documents for all NYCTA projects. He is also the inventor of the Tunnel Clearance Device for measuring clearance for all railroad tunnels.

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