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8th Annual Mentoring Forum

The 8th annual Armenian mentoring forum took place on March 23, 2018 at Fordham University with joint collaboration with AESA, AAHPO, ArmNet, ArmenBar, and AIWA. Forum chair, Vahan Tanal, addressed all of the mentors and mentees with his thanks and gratitude to the Armenian community for attending and contributing to an event that brings together professionals and students. The mentors were asked to stand and introduce themselves to the mentees with their names and professions. This allowed the mentees to see their possible professional connections and gauge talking points to specific mentors.

After the opening remarks, AESA announced 'break out' rooms designated to specific fields such as engineering, law, medicine, etc. The mentors and mentees were given a chance to interact over a period of time and exchange contact information and advice. Some internship and scholarship opportunities were announced as well. An after party was held at the local Library Bar - Hudson Hotel, and was attended by young professionals. Overall, the event was a success in it's 8th year. Thank you to all that supported and attended.


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