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Gyumri & Vanadzor Teaching Initiative 2018

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

It is our great pleasure to announce another year of successful completion of one of our educational projects supporting the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GITC) and Vanadzor Technology Center (VTC) in Armenia, by an AESA North Eastern Board member, Raffi Shekookian, PhD. During his stay, Raffi taught a course on “Computer Networks” at the GITC for seven days to 25 students. Among the attendees was also a senior Network Engineer certified by Cisco Corporation.

Twenty five certificates were presented to students following a successful completion of the course in Gyumri. During his stay in Gyumri, and as part of techno-Friday, Raffi gave a lecture entitled “Software Testing: An art of a science”. The lecture was open to students as well as non-students. Also by the invitation of the State University (Shirak section), Raffi gave a two day lecture to their students.

Raffi also gave a condensed version of the computer networks course at the Vanadzor Techno Center to 25 undergraduate students: 13 from the Lori state college, 3 from the Polytechnic University section of Vanadzor and the remainder from the State University. All lectures were prepared by the extensive hard work of Dr. Raffi Shekookian, and were delivered in Armenian (both the oral explanation and the written slides). The successful completion of this mission was possible by our continuous collaboration with the administration of GITC, and most recently the VTC. This year’s educational mission for Gyumri and Vanadzor was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Mr.Saro Hartounian of the Harco Corporation of New Jersey. AESA is grateful to Saro and thankful to our sponsors for their continuous support to our mission of bringing high-level educational contribution to Armenia.

The AESA NY-NJ section is proud to undertake such educational and scientific projects in Armenia and thanks to Raffi and his tireless efforts in making this latest endeavor a successful one.


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