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HMADS Science Fair 2016

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

The AESA NY-NJ Section participated in the 18th Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School (HMADS) annual science fair.

HMAD's fourth, fifth and sixth grade students demonstrated their interesting inventions to the attendees. For many years, AESA NY-NJ Section members have participated and supported the young, talented Armenian inventors.This year again, invited by the dedicated principal Ms. Zarmine Bogosian, the AESA engineers, Hovhannes Mardirossian (President), Aram Setian (President Emeritus), David Michaelian (Treasurer), and Shaunte Baboumian (Membership) attended the special occasion.

Mr. Hovhannes Mardirossian, who is also the Chairman of Technology and Education, introduced one of AESA's members, Hagop Jack Bouchakjian to demonstrate 3D printing technology. He was very engaged with the students and grabbed their attention by drawing a microphone in 3D CAD and printed the item right before their eyes. The students were excited and very interested with the presentation, as was seen by the numerous questions!

The young inventors from 4th, 5th and 6th grades took turns demonstrating their inventions to the attendees and judges. The judges ranked the inventions based on their unique ideas, practicality, presentation, and possible patentability.

All of the participating students received a certificate from AESA for their work, and the winners were presented with monetary awards and certificates of achievement.


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